A Full June in Cleveland

One of the things about discovering it was sort of a bad idea for my husband and I to change cities right now (thanks to my medical issues among other things) is that we’ve decided to make the most of knowing we’ll be in Cleveland longer than we ever intended, and really, this summer hasn’t been bad thus far. I joined the Booker T. Cleveland Society for the Learned, signed a lease on a new condo overlooking Lake Erie (photos coming next month), and am working on some new artwork.

I realized I went out and about that last few weekends quite a bit and never uploaded the photos. So here are some things I did: BayArts fashion illustration workshop, watched the The Ohio City 5k, studio visit with Stanka Kordic, Booker T meet-up at Felice, and the 50/50 Show.

Here are shots of the pretty restaurant on the BAYarts campus. We now call it the “Angela’s Ashes” restaurant because if there are more than 2 of you, you’ll be fighting for whatever is left on the plate. Still nice to have a drink there, though….

Some work from my students. Moar leopard print I say!

Can you tell which one is me? I about cried when she did that, and that was only the 2nd day of class…

My husband did the Ohio City Run and Crawl, although this year we didn’t do the Pub Crawl after. It was too darn hot! Here he is getting ready…

Oh look, an Airstream of vintage finds!

Starting line in front of the Westside Market…

This girl stepped in and ruined my shot of Ben coming across the finish., and so when I moved, another guy stepped in and ruined it totally. Oh well, 18:24, and came in 6th overall of 500 people. I think it’s funny he still considers this to be a shameful time…

The following Friday, Shannon and I went to visit my friend Stanka Kordic again. She has a studio on the beautiful campus of Beaumont…

She wins a lot of recognition and awards, and you can see why…

The space where her studio is reminds me of the attic in “Young Sherlock Holmes” or even a bit of Hogwarts…

We drove over to Felice for the Booker T. Cleveland book swap. This time is was being held in the back area, it was really pretty….

Stanka and Shannon…

Little garden for ingredients…

I got excited because my favorite daytime lawyer advertiser — Margolius, Margolius, and Associates — made an appearance! He checked me out, too! Well…he looked my gimp leg up and down. He was probably wondering if my “social security benefits had been denied and couldn’t work”.

Me, organizer Ivana, and event photographer Justyna. You know you wanna join this book swap club, don’t you? Although I gave away a ton of books at the last event, this time I ended up trading Wuthering Heights for a Julia Child biography…

And now this past Friday was the 50/50 Show. Here is me super early in the morning with Kenny Crumpken for the Fox 8 segment “Kickin’ It with Kenny”

Here was early in the evening, held in the basement of Dredgers Union…

I still don’t know who won my little lady (leave a comment if you did!)…

Now, she was the real star of the evening. None of us really know what she was promoting or taking email addresses for but I know several guys who wanted to write their phone numbers for her. I just felt bad for her having to wear those heels all night. It looks so uncomfortable!

Dr. Pee-Pee Pants aka Crash made it out — oh shocker! We actually tried to get him to pose for an official photo and he wouldn’t, he just made some nasty remark and ran straight to the line for free wine. Here is artist Bob Peck trying to elbow him in the back of the head. Seriously, the guy is everywhere, and not just art openings with free wine! He even has a Facebook Group and I know a few people in the art community who have dressed up as him for Halloween….

Artists Dana Oldfather and Amy Casey

Rooftop at the Greenhouse Tavern for the after party. I didn’t get to stay long, but I had a very nice cocktail…

I was a fun event, I hadn’t done one for a long time but it was organized very well and I think it was great just for social reasons too. Rustbelt Chic is a term that is all the rage now — didn’t you know?

2 thoughts on “A Full June in Cleveland”

  1. Great pics and thanks (p.s. we missed you)…not happy you’re still having medical issues, but glad you 2 will be sticking around for a while longer.

    Congrats to your Ben on his fabulous showing at the OCRC.

    Wish I hadn’t spaced out the 50/50…oh well…NEXT year

    Hey, can you do a post with examples of ‘rustbelt chic?’
    Hell, you mean we’ve actually been chic all this time AND NEVER KNEW IT!?!?!
    Take THAT, Scott Shuman!
    Guess you’re JUST GONNA HAVE TO ADD ANOTHER CATEGORY TO YOUR ‘Style Profiles,’ eh?

    Lookin forward to July…

    1. oh there’s actually an anthology coming out and the website is rustbeltchic.com I think. It’s also crazy the amount of articles in W magazine, Salon.com, HuffPo and the like that are all suddenly “yay rustbelt, it’s where artists go!” I guess that means I was almost a decade ahead of the times? Only now the blue collar/Easter Euro/1970s vibe isn’t exotic to me anymore.

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