Shots from the Scott Miller show

I went on a mini adventure Friday night, attended the Scott Miller exhibition at Convivium 33 Gallery and then my usual shenanigans ensued.

I tried to take my friend to what I called, “the worst bar in Cleveland” but they had cleaned up quite a bit since my last visit. You could actually see the floor. Darn.

By the way all you Cleveland arty farty people and galleries: it seems that “Crash” aka “Dr. Pee-pee” aka “Ben Who Knows” has been making the rounds not only to art openings, but to lectures at the medical museum, law school alumni association events, invite-only charity events and CPAC grant events (which he will promptly leave once realizing no alcohol is available). I tried to get a photo of him at Convivium33 but he ran off. Please please please, don’t put up with his nonsense, and call the police the second you see him. He’s been kicked out of my studio building by security TWICE and yet he still comes back and tries to steal whole bottles of wine. Don’t know who I’m talking about? Hmmm, I think you do, he even has a Facebook “Fan” page: HERE

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