Calling Artists and Galleries in New Orleans!

If you or anyone you know is an artist or gallery based in New Orleans, please contact me so I can add you to my list of places to visit with during my stay as part of the NOLA Bound program this coming March 14-18. I will probably have a documentary camera crew with me (just FYI). Those working out of studios that are housed in former warehouses or oddball commercial properties are of interest to me, too.

This is partly for the film, partly for research for economic development purposes, and also for my own research when it comes to the art scene in New Orleans — to see what it is like to run an arts-based business there. It’s also a bit of an audition, to see if New Orleans and I would be a good fit in the future. Either way, I love making new contacts and friends!

Hit me up at arabellaproffer(at) and tell me the haps!


2 thoughts on “Calling Artists and Galleries in New Orleans!”

  1. HI, Got a message from my friend Stanka Kordic. We went to the Cleveland Institute of Art together. She said you were headed my way. I live outside of New Orleans (across the long bridge – tha causeway).

    Feel free to use my limited expertise however you need it! Maybe we could get together when you come down. I’d love to help in anyway I can.

    FYI, from your NOLA inquiries above, I would say you need to come see John Prebble on my side of the lake. Look him up at under the Abita Mystery House or the UCM museum.

    cya, Mary Ann Haase

    1. Hi Mary Ann!
      It looks like my itinerary is all set; it seems it would have to be people right in the city the way the program is designed, but I will be coming back down again with my husband the following week after the beNOLABound trip is done.

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