Groundhog Weekend

Some more spots on the show at Articulated Gallery:

Hi Fructose Magazine

Cup Cake Punk


Artsy Forager

Although I will say, I’m getting tired of the Frida comparison. I know people mean it as a compliment, but I don’t take it that way because I never cared for her stuff, but there really isn’t much similarity (1400s-1500s mannerist art is my thing more or less). I guess when people associate women + depictions of pain, that’s all they can come up with?

Went to a show at SPACES for the first time in ages. I now want to start a web series where my friends and I get drunk and break down art installation concepts for you. I have several volunteers for this project already. For one piece at the show — which was all video and audio talking about the various American rivers, run-off, and environmental issues — my one friend declared, “the punchline of this whole show is: rivers are dirty!” Yep, you got that right. But hey look, there was a cool video install of Marlene Dietrich with too much plastic surgery talking to us silently through a wall.

planes and cities made of…stuff.

I don’t even know what this was all about. We kept getting shushed throughout a lecture going on in the other room, so we had no chance to ask, we just just got dirty looks from people because we were trying to figure it out.

Something to do with hippies. God damn hippies! We did take some flowers. And then got shushed for giggling about it.

Anyways, then I went to a Groundhog Day race down in some weird town past Akron. There was a restaurant called “Luckity’s”. No, not “Lucky’s” but LUCKITY’S. There was also a diner called “Tasty” next to the trailer park, and lots of drive-thru liquor stores. Well, where ever I was, my husband won 3rd overall and got his picture with the mayor. This winter it hasn’t snowed much at all and my husband joked winter avoided Ohio this year — until we drove down to this damn town.

Well, we got tired of that scene so we drove to get burgers in Akron at The Rail. Yes, my husband will drive to Akron to get a burger, rather than go to any one of the Michael Symon restaurants in Cleveland. “he should concentrate on actually making good food rather than being a PR machine, his places are overrated and too expensive for what it is”, and well — they kind of are. The Rail has an excellent logo, I think…

Happy Ben with his new race shirt…

And nothing says snow storm like getting a Nutella milkshake!

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4 thoughts on “Groundhog Weekend”

  1. I would be annoyed at being compared to any other artist, period. Well, I guess people don’t realize how rude that is to someone who spends a lifetime trying to get at a particular imagery and personal style. I don’t think you work looks anything at all like Frida Kahlo’s. Your ladies are royalty with a story to go with each one, sometimes based a little bit in an actual history, whereas Kahlo painted her own life, more illustration than portraiture.

    1. Oh no, never based on actual history! Evar!
      But yes, I’m wondering if it’s just a limited art history knowledge or that people assume Frida owns the women + pain + medical anything in figurative painting. I think it’s funny since that series was all references from the 1400-1500s.

      1. Your woman characters are entirely your own and I suppose I misspoke as to a historical influence in your stories and histories of women. A more realistic accounting of the strength assuming place of all women in all times that has always existed but not brought enough to the light?

        Do forgive me my ignorance. Your works speaks to me, I find it freeing in a mind expanding way. It is bold, it is vibrant and it is not afraid to have an element of humor, absurdity and such like. Oh, well, whatever, I enjoy looking at your work and always keep on eye out for what ever you decide to do next.

      2. Influence, yes, but all those ladies in centuries past had similar fates I noticed, so it’s fun to make stuff up and yet it sounds totally plausible. I just add more sarcasm and humor — like you said.
        Thanks so much! It does mean a lot to hear you say that.

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