New Painting: Psychedelic Space Tumor

Doing a new series of these babies. This one is called “Evolution” 12×12 inches, oil on panel. It’s a space uterus! It’s an alien flower! It’s a fungus! It’s a beetle! It’s a psychedelic tumor! I have no idea!!!!

I actually started doing these things in the spring before I found out I had a big ole tumor with tentacles and stuff wandering throughout my leg. So how about we call this one a psychedelic space tumor-thing?

1 thought on “New Painting: Psychedelic Space Tumor”

  1. K, so this is just toooooo much fun and too gorgeous.
    For a really scary thing.
    You just can’t paint ‘ugly.’ 🙂

    Is it me, or would it be kinda cool for someplace with a busy oncology department (the Clinic? who’s the ‘known’ cancer treatment center around here? I know, ‘duh.’ 🙂 Anyway, kinda cool to have a show of works by patients. Maybe not even just visual art stuff, but also poems and/or writings or even music.
    ‘Cuz you guys have every right to vent and the rest of us are probably pretty ignorant. I think it’d be interesting.

    Btw, so glad to see you looking FABULOUS.
    Still kickin butt and takin’ names, as they say.

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