Trinity Cathedral Artist Panel recap

I took part in a panel discussion at Trinity Cathedral Art Gallery a few weeks back, this was part of a NE Ohio artists invitational. I was so happy to be showing alongside Randall Tiedman, Judith Brandon, and Stanka Kordic. Here are some photos, and I love how it’s so early for me (I live a 2nd shift schedule) that I look ready to either nod off or kill someone. I’ll admit, I was starting to zone out at one point in the middle!

I didn’t really talk as much I should have, perhaps. I was trying to be polite, but next time I’m going to play devil’s advocate more with regard the art scene here. I don’t like talking about my process very much — I kind of like to keep it secret and I assume it bores people — so I always avoid answering the question, “what’s your creative process?” I don’t really have a process, I just do it.

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