Bay Area Adventures

Here are many photos from my trip to the Bay Area for my art show. If anyone has more photos of the actual show, I hardly have any!

Special thanks to George and Kathleen for putting us up and taking us to wine country; to Audra at Loved to Death for having me and putting on a great shindig (oh my God the store is fabulous and I see so much jewelry I want now now now); to Ron of Last Gasp for taking us on a tour of their HQ; Lisa and Stefano for hosting a fab cocktail party; to everyone who came out for the festivities, especially those that flew in or drove 8+ hours to be there!

Random things:

– I realized I miss Jack in the Box, or maybe just their commercials

– So glad I don’t have cable, because I watched things like those Kardashian people, and Texas Multi Moms.

– OK, Moonshiners is pretty good. Anything where hillbillies are named ‘Tickle’ and ‘Popcorn’, they are true Americans.

– Hot Buttered Whiskey, try that stuff!

– Women in SF have nice butts. Probably from walking all those hills.

– People really like when I paint amputees, or so it seems.

– I miss my Mercedes Benz.

– Winter and snow suck! It never bothered me before, but coming from wine country to landing in this crap is depressing.

– Coming home to medical bills and a broken toilet also suck.

– No matter how you do it, I still hate Chardonnay.


1 thought on “Bay Area Adventures”

  1. Guilty secret: I LOVE Jack in the Box!

    Re: SF butts: yah, if WE had sunshine and great weather 90% of the year, we’d all have tans and great butts, too! Oh, and hills…
    But you’re right about the cold and snow…it DOES suck. Which is why we do that yo-yo thing with moving away/coming back, etc. But how much would you have to make a year to be able to afford to live up there around SF and wine country? 😦
    Oh-your mom’s a beauty…seriously, I can see where you get your looks.
    OMG, that stained glass!
    Viking tasting room? What, akvavit? 🙂 That stuff’s like Norsky moonshine…
    Uff da.
    Half Moon Bay…I’m in love…do they get earthquakes up there?

    Thanks for the pics…what a great and fun show!

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