NOLA Bound? Time Will Tell

I recently applied for the NOLA Bound program. You can view my application here (ignore those pesky typos, it was hard writing anything in such a tiny field), but please do retweet and share it throughout the Land ‘o the Internets!

This looked like a good way for me to suss out the situation in New Orleans, not to mention it would be helpful to have people to hang out with and introductions. Besides, can you imagine cameras following me around? I’ll be a very entertaining gal — no doubt. Well, that is, unless I make a total jack ass of myself. People joke I need a reality show considering the weird stuff that always happens to me, why not put it to something that’s productive? Considering I’ve never been to the city, I think this would be an awesome way to go about it.

At this rate I’m putting my fate of where to wander next into the hands of the Gods, so if I did get this experience, I’ll know it was for a reason. Worth a try.

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