Murder and a Marriage

Some random things that have happened since Thursday:

  • My downstairs neighbor invited a man off the street into his apartment, and he was stabbed to death in the back and neck. I came home from a massage to find cops and police tape everywhere. I saw them tow a car from out front, but I didn’t know what that was about. Later in the evening I heard shouting outside and looked out to see some guy running down the street being chased by a cop with his gun drawn. The idiot threw his hands up, started to slow down, and then tried to run across the street. It was then that 3 cop cars and a swarm of detectives pounced on his ass and dragged him to the tree lawn across the street. I guess they knew the murderer would return; I’m still not sure why, or if the car was his.
  • This comes right as I’m supposed to renew my lease. Well, despite being here for 8 years and saving the building from burning to the ground last year, my property company is being very difficult and won’t let me go month-to-month. I’m tired of them renting to shady people considering what I pay (I used to run background checks on people and it isn’t hard to catch them in lies!). It is coming down to either moving elsewhere in Cleveland — ASAP — or I’ll be signing a 6 month lease without an option to renew. This means I’ll have to make a choice about moving to Charlotte, NC or staying in Cleveland by August. The NOLA thing ain’t gonna work with this timing. I’m being forced to make a choice, now.
  • I was asked to be the matron of honor at my best friend’s wedding! It all happened within 3 days and took place in our studio building. We all wore black, it was awesome. In fact, that night running around after the ceremony my husband admitted that he really liked Cleveland right now. He also said that could have been the booze talking.
  • I shipped off everything to Articulated Gallery for my solo show. Now comes the part where I still have to write everything for the pieces. It was nice ignoring Christmas again this year. I watched a lot of movies, and read a book about irritating rich people instead…

oh, and had a yummy dessert from my husband’s childhood…

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