Kitten Busy

A new term that has come to my attention is “kitten busy”. I find it is highly appropriate to use this term around the holidays when everyone is pretending to be or making themselves stressed over stuff that can easily be curtailed and controlled.

In a nutshell, it means someone who is acting like they are busy or having a hectic time by blowing regular tasks and obligations out of proportion, or acting like it’s all harder and more time consuming than it really is. Shopping for holiday gifts isn’t grueling, and it’s easy when done online. It’s Kitten Busy work. But this applies to so many more situations; for instance, used in a sentence, “is he really busy this week, or just kitten busy?”

Apperantly *I* coined the term ages ago when talking about my kittens taking their business very seriously: putting beanie babies into my cowboy boot, and taking them out of the cowboy boot. For over an hour. KITTEN BUSY! It’s serious business.

1 thought on “Kitten Busy”

  1. Apparently I was actually reposting this on Facebook when I thought I was commenting (reeeeally frickin’ tired over here) so I shall try again… “Sheer genius.” And may my sleep-deprived dementia lead more traffic to your blog. ‘Cause if it does…I totally meant to do that.

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