Holiday Postcard Giveaway

My holiday postcards are printed in an extremely small run, so if you already get one in the mail around this time of year, you are a lucky ducky. This year I’m so happy with how they turned out I thought I’d do a little mailing giveaway. Once you get your postcard, it’s practically a print any way. Here are the two newest postcards I made…

Leave a comment on this post and I will use a randomizer to pick 2 lucky duckies!

(please don’t enter if you already get my cards because that’s a tad greedy)

The winners will be picked on Saturday the 10th. 

After plugging in the names to Congrats To Kelly and Krista! Please email me your addys.

8 thoughts on “Holiday Postcard Giveaway”

  1. Very elegant holiday cards…I really would be honored to be picked… they are both amazing! Have admired your work at Paulius’ place! Happy Holidays to you!

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