Kitty Kamp and Theirry Mugler

Those were a few of the things I did this weekend while house sitting 4 cats (2 my own) and a wiener dog.

First my friend Elle invited several of us to a Theirry Mugler dessert and perfume pairing event at Saks Fifth Avenue in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland. I’m shocked more people didn’t turn out for this, as only a handful were being done around the country, and we got some nice gifts. I had way to much wine (they just kept filling up my glass!) and some amazing chocolates while I had my new large bottle of Angel au de toilette engraved with my name. I had to stay away from upstairs at Saks, however, as even though I don’t have $300 to spend of a skirt or need a evening gown — I was tempted!

The rest of the weekend it was on for “Kitty Kamp!” where my cat Tina bossed everyone around, even two boy cats twice her size. Pooping; puking; creating a monster when I gave the dog bacon; the ‘pounding across the Serengeti’ noises at all hours as the heard of cats chased one another. At least my little cat Ike had a grand time playing.

Sometimes we joke about owning a “kitten farm” and becoming crazy cat people, but 4 is quite enough! I don’t know how people with more than that do it (oh right, they’re CRAZY) You said it Ben…

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