Oh, November

Yesterday I went to William Rupnik to see the street art show that is on view until next week. Space Invader, Banksy, Blu and the like….

Also winding down the fashion illustration class at Bay Arts. I have a real range in ages, 7 – 15! I love that even the youngest girls don’t need my help and have their own ideas about fashion. Also, the 7 year-old is doing collections that look like Rick Owens, pretty awesome. Several girls already told me they want to be couturiers when they grow up. Here are some views of Lake Erie, across from where I teach…

The severe weather changes have given me a really bad cold, so I’m fighting it off unsuccessfully while having a rather packed week of teaching, my husband’s birthday, and another lecture at the Dittrick Museum to attend. Haven’t gotten to the studio at all and I’m behind on work for my show. Although, I did finish one painting that I hope will make people as uncomfortable as it made my husband! Also I got written about on this site. I don’t understand it totally, but I kind of get the scope of it since it seems just copied from other places.

In other news, I hate daylight savings and this whole sun setting at 5:30 is a bunch of BS. This is weather Maker’s Mark was meant for.

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