Portrait of a Roitfeld

I came across the blog I Want To Be A Roitfeld while I was going stir crazy, unable to move for almost 2 months in bed with nothing but a laptop, percocet, and a tube draining blood out of my thigh. I was so happy this blog existed! It was while Carine Roitfeld was still the head honcho at Vogue Paris and I loved that she had a passion for leopard print and minimalist living. One day I’ll have a clutter free apartment like hers — one day!

So I was delighted to be asked to contribute a small portrait of Carine for the blog this week. Taking a mental inventory of her look from her days with Tom Ford to more recent, I did a little oil on paper illustration that to me was boiled down her essence — leopard print included! I didn’t want to use a photo reference, so I tried as much as I could to draw her from memory. You can see it here.

In the meantime, Kellina de Boer’s blog has expanded to include other darlings of fashion like Emmanuelle Alt and Giovanna Battaglia!

By the way, the book Irreverent is available for pre-order, and is on my Amazon wish list (ahem, AHEM.)

2 thoughts on “Portrait of a Roitfeld”

  1. Arabella, it is such an honor to feature your amazing oil painting of Carine Roitfeld on the site! I so appreciate your kindness and generosity in sharing your gifts with all of us, and I love how you capture her aura, très Carine!

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