Goodbye Mr. Freud

Rest in Peace dearest Lucian Freud. Yes, he was 88 — and considering his lifestyle that’s damn good — but I’m rather broken up about this. Really, I haven’t felt this bad about a famous person dying, who I didn’t personally know, since Jim Henson and Sam Kinison.

I was lucky enough to see his retrospective at LACMA. I felt really bad for fellow CalArts alumna Laura Owens to have her show next to his. To put any other painter next to a Lucian Freud exhibit is just plain mean, because his work will piss all over them without even trying. That isn’t to say Lucian didn’t try, in fact, he was a notoriously slow painter.

In any event, here are just some of my favorite works…

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Mr. Freud”

  1. Wahhhhhhh.

    He and Alice Neel just rocked my (art) world when it came to painting.
    Such amazing palettes…

    What a crappy couple of years, huh? Louise Bourgeois, Cy Twomby, Kenneth Noland, Sigmar Polke…hmmm

    Who am I forgetting…well, it’s easier (in a way) when they’ve lived a long and productive life…not when they’re taken too soon like Hesse and Harring.

  2. Have you already seen this?

    I thought it was one of the best articles I’ve read on him (but then I always like the personal stuff: it really helps me to better understand someone’s work.)

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