Last Night at CMA Summer Solstice

Thanks to my friend Alicia, my husband and I were able to attend the Cleveland Museum of Art Summer Solstice Party last night. Booze, food, bands, an all the exhibits in the museum were open. This attracted some good, and some not-so-good crowds (the drunk girls puking in the ladies room was super classy) but if you could ignore the people who treated this event like a frat party, it was worth it.

We went for the later part of the evening, so we got to catch Mucca Pazza, and they were awesome. Kinda of like Gogol Bordello if they were a marching band. Two of my three favorite paintings were not on view, but at least I got to dress up and visit some of my favorite galleries.

It suits you sir…

Aren’t we smug?

Lucas Cranach baby…

Sadly we had to leave when two drunk guys stepped on my bad foot, causing me to wonder if it had been fractured or broken. Seriously, it took a lot of restraint for me not to whack the one guy with my cane after he then made a smart ass comment about it (and yes, I’m still limping from it), but there were too many witnesses if I did. Hoping that next time, this event won’t have as much riff-raff who can’t hold their liquor. Yeah that’s right — I said riff-raff!

4 thoughts on “Last Night at CMA Summer Solstice”

    1. I was riff-raff in that I kept yelling “FUCKING HELL!” in utter pain after it happened. One guy got mad at me because he was trying to talk on his cell and my profanities were drowning out his conversation.

  1. The solstice thing always sounded kinda cool but I never knew exactly who all went (very WASP-y? totally hipster-ishy? neo-pagany?)
    You know, the flavor…now I think it’s like a wedding reception: could be anyone.
    So anyway, you would recommend it? Looks like there were a TON of people.
    BTW, you’d have been TOTALLY within reasonable to cuss those guys out.

    1. It was a combo of all 3. The WASPy stuff happens earlier in the evening. I thought it was a like a controlled version of a CalArts party, but with better food and Great Lakes beers. I think next time if I go, I want to go earlier, before the West 6th street element starts to take hold.

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