New York Art Plotting

Currently plotting out my New York trip with Knitgrrl coming up April 9th weekend. Last time I was in NYC was 1999, and the last time I was in Brooklyn? Oh, maybe 1995 — thus I expect to see big changes.

On the agenda besides all of Knitgrrl’s teaching gigs is drinks at The Rusty Nail, Alix Sloan Fine Art, Bold Hype Gallery, Dr. Sketchy’s for the Dr. Who theme, and a visit to David Miretsky’s studio. This is on top of seeing old classmates from CalArts I haven’t seen in over 11 years, as well as other friends I haven’t seen in a decade or more. Oh and new friends, oh, and the opening reception for “Tiny Trifecta” where my little painting “Blessed Mary” will be available…

So yeah, let’s see if I can fit all of that into the span of 4 days or less. Between that kind of itinerary and the car ride to and from Cleveland, I’m either going to be super cranky, or super amped. It could go either way.

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