Sleepy Kittens Ike and Tina

Tina has always had night terrors. Poor little gal will talk in her sleep as if she’s frightened, or wake up in the middle of the night screaming and upset. Little Ike on the other hand, as you no doubt can tell from this photo, sleeps in total bliss — always. I guess that’s good, because he gets sick a lot and is accident prone (his eye brow whiskers still haven’t grown back from when he singed them getting too close to a candle).

My husband’s theory is that Tina dreams of cobras and crocodiles, while Ike dreams of rainbows and ice cream cones…

Oh those kittens.

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Kittens Ike and Tina”

  1. luv the kittehs and the red chair!

    p.s. do you read Kathy’s blog?

    Anyway, since you guys are music hipsters (in the best sense…) and you have your label (still, right?); I thought I’d pass it on. You might already know about it; but if not…
    I’m watching the link (within her blog, about the ‘Emeralds’) right now and trying to figure out if that’s what she’s talking about when she talks about ‘noise’ music. They’re into all kinds of old synthesizers, apparently. Have you heard of them?

    1. I come from Ann Arbor where I went to school with all noise musician people, not to mention my time at CalArts. I hate that crap! I had one guy “DJ” an art reception and he cleared the room pretty quick. It isn’t a new thing either, that stuff has been around for decades. Guess no one told them there’s this little thing called melody.

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