Count Sheep? I Count Vintage Ads.

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I like to go on YouTube and look up old commercials of decades past. Especially for coffee, beauty products, salad dressing, pantyhose, toys and other random crap. Here are some of my findings.

Constance Bennett, oh wow. I think I really do need a maid just to draw my bath and tell me what time it is at every turn, don’t you?

I like these Folger’s ones because the husbands are jerks and the wives are morons…

I remember I used to get this Master Card commerical song stuck in my head as a kid…

Oh man…

I always dress like a Burberry runway model when I want to rob a bank…

Does it make me a bad and lazy housewife that I just use Swiffer?

Bottled dressing? How dare you!

Oh what the hell…

I had one of these as a kid, love it, “he’s just kind of weird sometimes”

2 thoughts on “Count Sheep? I Count Vintage Ads.”

  1. I miss playing with action figures.

    Also, fuckin’ pantyhose! My mother used to buy L’eggs, you know, the ones that game in the giant plastic Easter eggs. The sad-sack eco-friendly cardboard version of today just doesn’t hold up.

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