Art Farting and Travel Plans

Random goings-on…

  • Spencer Tunic saw my paintings in person and likes them. How awesome is that?
  • I’ll be in NYC for the first time in 12 years for this show with Tara McPherson, Mark Ryden, Joshua Petker, Natalia Fabia, Molly Crabapple, Nathan Spoor and others for the opening of Tara’s new gallery and boutique in Brooklyn!

  • I’ll also be going to Asbury Park for a bit and finally see those awesome gals at Parlor Gallery.
  • Every time I see a breast cancer awareness poster I want to scream! The Susan G. Komen Foundation has been getting a lot of heat lately for their antics and frankly I’m sick of all the pink crap. How about awareness for Liposarcoma, huh? I got 1% of all cancers and I didn’t go to the doctor fast enough because I actually thought there was no such thing as cancer in your legs. So there you go! I vote Liposarcoma use the color teal. What other cancers should we assign colors to? I think Lance Armstrong made that horrible yellow hue the color for ball cancer — not sure. In any event, all cancer is bad, so I wish marketing teams would stop pushing like breast cancer is more deserving of awareness and research money.
  • I’ve donated a framed drawing of one of my mildly punk rococo ladies for ArtCares event on April 16th. It’ll be at the Power House in Battery Park in Cleveland,  and Lounge Kitty is performing!
  • I’ll be in Dublin and Belfast in late May. Any art galleries I should check out besides Kerlin Gallery? Yeah yeah, I know there are museums, but what else? The websites for art galleries I’ve been looking at are terrible. It is my 10 year wedding anniversary, and originally I always wanted to get married at Giant’s Causeway. So now finally, my husband is taking me there. Although now I just realized I may have a hard time walking over this stuff (the fact I fell getting out of my car was enough), husband might need to carry me…

6 thoughts on “Art Farting and Travel Plans”

  1. that is pretty awesome that he’s taking you to Ireland for your 10-yr anniversary! (we only went to Santa Fe.) Also, good pick on teal for your cancer color 😉

    1. We figured after the ‘worst year ever’ we deserved it and our family is helping send us there. Ben went to school at Trinity College and hasn’t been back since he graduated!

      I thought a fashionable gray color would be nice too, but teal works.

  2. I’ll make you your very own AWARENESS poster like the one at the market the other day, except it’ll be better ’cause it’ll just have you on it. (sigh)

  3. I totally agree about the ridiculousness of pushing breast cancer as the only cancer women have to worry about, just because we all have boobs. I hate when October comes around for that reason.

    1. I hate the commercials of gals in pink feather boas, acting like doing a charity walk is some great contribution and duty all women should do. People should give contributions directly to an individual, or to a smaller organization that provides services for individuals.

  4. 1: Spencer Tunic obviously has MARVELOUS taste. 🙂

    2: Parlour looks like a cool place…New Jersey’s really an enigma to me…all I ever seem to end up driving through are the scruffy parts.

    3: I totally agree with you on the breast cancer thing. ALL cancer’s bad, which is why I prefer to donate to the American Cancer Society. And I don’t even know if they’re the best one of the cancer orgs to donate to…but at least they’re diverse. (I know that’s probably not the right word but….)

    4: Oooo…Ireland ought to be beautiful in May. Have a GREAT time and congrats on your first decade! (Picked a good one, huh?)

    5: Ms. Shannon (and A): sorry about the mispeak on the studio-roomie thing…don’t know why I was thinking Ms. DiSanti. Brain fart.

    6: Have you all seen this video? I hadn’t heard of him (JK) but thought it was just super cool…I know it’s almost a half hour, but worth it. (Posted Wednesday…

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