Jaecine, the Countess of Albramere

She’s new…sort of. I had wrote this biography for an older painting I’d done back in 2002. After showing it around and all that fun stuff, I decided I didn’t like the painting anymore; the frame got busted by a careless gallery in shipping, I was over the work itself, but I did still like the biography. So what to do? Paint a new portrait of the same character! Why not? And, she already has an owner!

The new one, 11×14″ (wish the camera could pick up all the color variations and highlights, bah!)

Jaecine, Countess of Albramere (1709 – 1777) The Countess came from a prominent family that owned several wool and textile mills. A friend of artists, she began designing her own draperies, linens, and fabrics to suite her aesthetic and other prominent women with large houses. Using her husband’s funds and the family factories she later created The House of Albramere, a largely successful venture as manufacturer and seller of fine linens to the fashionable and wealthy.

The old one, 9×12″

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