Sweatpants in Public: It Happened

Ladies & Gentlemen, I, went out in public…in sweatpants. Now before you FREAK OUT and think the world is coming to an end or the sky will start falling, I just have to say, they are clean and fancy Juicy Couture knock-offs where it at least looks like I *tried*. I still hold true to my belief that sweatpants and pajama bottoms in public are what’s wrong with America.

If you ever see me outside in pajama bottoms you SHOULD freak out and start looting immediately!

The best part was that I unexpectedly tagged along to a meeting at a fashion design school. There I was, sweatpants, Asics tiger shoes, a faux metal t-shirt (see, I didn’t have an authentic Iron Maiden shirt, but a joke one!), a European motorcycle jacket, and leaning on my cane. I must have been a sight — especially when I told them I exhibited and taught fashion illustration!

Now I have to make up for this tomorrow by wearing something fancy. Good God, I cannot wait until I’m able to wear high heels again. Question: over-the-knee boots, a good buy? Or a fad that will look dated and dumb in 2-3 years? I keep trying to find a flat pair that don’t look equestrian or like Nazi standard issue. Discuss!

3 thoughts on “Sweatpants in Public: It Happened”

  1. wow, that probably was a sight. tee hee. (this coming from a chick that just patched her long sleeved t-shirt, yes I did.)

    the boots. I say life is too short not to own a good pair of sexy boots. treat yourself woman. if they are out of style in a few years, keep em for halloween or another 10 and they’ll be back in fashion. then there is always ebay.

    1. I don’t really need them — I do have my motorcycle boots after all — but I have a boot ‘thing’ and like to have options. I probably need regular more flats to be honest, I won’t be wearing heels for a long while still. Beh.

  2. K, so I (obviously) can’t defend to the ‘wearing sweatpants in public.’ 🙂 But they ARE warm, cheap, and quick to throw on when you’re just planning on a quick run to somewhere. My fashion budget went to my kids long ago…..

    BUT, if you look on the back of the front section of today’s (Wed, Dec. 1t) P.D., there’s a Dillard’s ad with some really cute boots for $99! A couple that definitely look to be over-the-knee. The Kenneth Cole ‘Bard Tricks’ has a very small heel, too…in case you’re still supposed to be wearing flats.
    I can’t find that exact ad online, so you’ll have to find the paper to look.

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