Random Things Of Beauty

In no particular order…

Cire Trudon bust candles. They come in black too!

A skull candle by D.L. and Co. He has so many great designs, how could anyone actually light a match and melt them?

I’ve been on a decorative masking and duct tape kick. The shop Nothing Elegant on Etsy has many cool designs.

These wall hooks are handy, and classy!

The entire Chanel Haute Couture fall and winter 2010/11 collection. You can watch the whole show here. So sad Kaaarl will be retiring in a few years.

I’m still coveting this Botero sculpture I saw during Art Basel Miami. Funny since I’ve never really thought much about his work before.

Men’s shoes from Barker Black, oh-so fancy, dark, and gorgeous.

Dutch still life paintings from the 1600s. They can border on being ghastly, or fabulous. I can’t decide which. Wouldn’t it be great if people started setting their tables for meals all haphazard like this?

Bed Crowns. I think some feathers on top wouldn’t be bad either. Only drawback would be having to clean the drapery on a constant basis.

Jessica Joslin “taxidermy” and other sculptures. She was doing the steam punk thing before it was a craze, or had a name.

I’d love to get enough china for 6 from Beat Up Creations, they are funny and so proper.

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