Art Super Sale & Show

So here we are, the land of, “Arabella’s stupid cancer ordeal just doesn’t want to ever let up”. My complications keep having complications — nothing major — just things that make having a normal life seem far off. Besides me now being at risk for all sorts of things, my knee procedure didn’t go quite as planned and I may need to have another one. In the meantime, I am stuck in a CPM machine for 6 hours a day trying to bend my knee beyond 110 degrees without having a fit of sobbing. The shape of my leg and knee has now settled, and while the scars aren’t too bad, it is very clear that my leg is deformed and I will never walk as I once did.

All of this comes down to one point for me at the moment: that treatment is carrying over into 2011. What does that mean exactly? More medical bills that I will actually have to pay for, something I had not anticipated. I was looking forward to perhaps moving to a bigger apartment and going to Ireland for my 10 year wedding anniversary — nope. Until I’m functional, don’t have surprise pop-up doctor appointments, and can drive, I can’t take on teaching or any jobs (already turned down one). I’m actually going to be screwed big time.

Since I will not be having a gallery solo show anytime in the near future, I thought to create a one-time exhibition of sorts combined with an online sale of art that I was reluctant to ever part with, or list at a discount. On Saturday, December 18th I will be having an Open Studio as part of Last Minute Market at The Screw Factory in Lakewood, OH. Besides new prints, I will have several oil paintings and framed drawings at a special price, as well as work that I didn’t want to part with — like this watercolor of hipsters at the Bigfoot Lodge in L.A. circa 2002 (the Spacemen 3 poster is mine, though)….

As of today through January 1st, you can view and purchase the smaller pieces being sold online at discounted prices in my Etsy shop. I’m only listing the smaller works, because packing and shipping large artwork requires too much energy and hassle for me to deal with right now. I have also started to take commissions again in time for the holidays! You can view more info on commissioning a portrait here.

Thanks to all of you have have been supporting me through this ridiculousness. Here’s hoping the chaos that has become my life won’t continue much longer!

2 thoughts on “Art Super Sale & Show”

  1. Sigh.
    Not to sound like a broken record, but I hope things turn around soon. What a ‘mongolian.’

    Have you had a chance to check any of these out?

    There ought to be at least a couple of them that you qualify for.
    I’d love to get something going here along the lines of the NY, IL and SF funds. Anybody have any ideas or knowledge on the paperwork involved? I’m pretty detail oriented and would be willing to help.

    In the meantime, A, best wishes and hopes for quick and miraculous recovery (hey-don’t laugh-you never know!)

    1. One of these might be do-able, problem is that many only give to those who don’t have insurance. I have insurance, it’s just really expensive w/ a very high deductible. Sure, $8,000 is better than $150,000 but I still gotta come up with $8,000! In a messed up way, I’d be more eligible for all sorts of government freebies and plans etc. if I had no insurance at all.

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