Rocktober Recap

Because Rocktober isn’t finished yet, I thought I’d post some photos from the Oktoberfest event I attended in Berea, Ohio. Was it better than the Minster one? By far. Was it better than what I assume the real one in Munich is like? Not really. Although the beer selection at this event was better than most, I thought the Warstiener was overpriced, and that the fair itself was actually half the size of what I assumed it would be.

Bonus points though for seeing children and various Emo kids on multiple occasions sipping beer from their elderly relatives cups that they were “holding” while they went and danced or entered their dogs in the races.  Yes, the wiener dog races were the highlight; who knew it could be fun and that placing bets makes it even MORE fun? FYI, older dogs are better at it than the new pups, they just kind of sniff each other and wander off when the gates go up. Oh here, lemme show ‘ya…

A very big deal as you can tell. The dogs needed several practice runs to get the hang of it if they were new. All the owners had to stand at the end with toys and treats to get them to bolt.

No participation ribbons here!

Dotto Snotto sticking her tongue out at me whilst making up some German fare.













Really not THAT big of a fan of HB, sorry.

Jager Bombs? Oh I know it is noon, but why not?


Really sad we missed the craft brew tasting, but I guess I’ve had all of these ones right here more than a dozen times. Look, they even put out the beer named after my buddy Chris!

The polka band here performed both Johnny Cash and Dead or Alive in Polka-style. Not. Even. Joking.

Big ass tent.

Ben likes monkeys, not matter what the situation.

Hey look, there’s Dennis! He invited me to go drinking with him once and I had to turn him down. I tried flagging him over to our table but Ben didn’t want him to come over for some political reason.

I like Riesling!

Overall I give the event a B-. The entertainment was good, the beer selection was meh, and there was only one good food stand. Even trying to find a proper pretzel stand was tough, and I don’t understand that, being that there was Chinese and Italian food stands!  Come on people, Oktoberfest means let’s try to keep it Magna Germania, okay? I also got sick from a greasy potato pancake, but that’s what I get for eating anything from a fairground stand. Again though, the dog races made it worth it. Oh, and did I mention there were multiple Juggalo sightings? Why yes there were. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get photos. Don’t know what a Juggalo is? Well this might help (NSFW)

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