I Got My Cane!

I was starting to feel like the old pervert in “Family Guy” with my walker, robe, and slippers, so this came right in time…

Card from all the people who helped make it possible…

It has a hidden function as well. By law I can’t tell you what that is, but just don’t mess with me or try to mug me in a dark alley. Now where’s my trench coat and monocle?

6 thoughts on “I Got My Cane!”

  1. That is *super* sweet. Also, really, by law you can’t tell its super-secret awesome function? That makes it more fun, I think! Just don’t let Tina figure it out. 😉

  2. That cane…girl, you are truly loved.

    I love scarves and all of mine are ancient. Any good tips on where to find cool but reasonably priced ones?

    My fav cures for pms are ‘regretsy’ and ‘cake wrecks.’ 😉

    Anyway, glad you’re feeling better. Somehow, it just feels like everything’s going to turn out way better with this b.s. than expected.

  3. In most states the secret function is a no-no *cough *cough. What? What secret function?

    I wouldn’t say things are totally better than expected (you know, them missing a spot and the whole 50/50 chance the cancer will come back) but my leg is looking less and less like a pack of wolves ate it before running it over with a tractor — that’s for sure.

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