Thank You All

Thank you to everyone who took part in The Great $30 Art Sale (not to be confused with The Great Muppet Caper), hope everyone got something they like and will have framed  all fancy-like. Thanks to those who also bought paintings as well as prints, every bit helps!

From what I gather people really like drawings of boobs, and girl pirates. Maybe I should be combining the two in a future series? Hmmm.

Also, for those of you who are local to me in greater Cleveland and would like to come by the studio in Lakewood to pick up their drawings, please let me know. All other orders are being shipped next week.

Again, thanks to all of you who spread word about the sale on your websites, blogs, twitter and so forth. It is kind of cool that so many people I haven’t seen or talked to in ages came out of the woodwork, as well as fans, strangers, and others writing to say they feel like they know me just from my life being so transparent online over the years and they wanted to help. Aw shucks!

As for an update, my tumor seems to be shrinking — at least I think it is from the looks of it — and I am more than half-way done with the radiation portion of my little journey. The only hiccup has been the tumor tentacles moving around and touching nerves in my leg, which caused some, um, weird things to happen. Such as my foot and toes contorting on their own. Let’s just say I’m glad the doctors knew what I was talking about when I said to them, “you know that scene in Altered States where he’s in the shower and suddenly has a monkey foot? That’s what it looked like”.  So aside from being tired as all hell, and having a monkey foot for an evening, all is well.

Now for my big choice of the evening: wine or Xanax?

2 thoughts on “Thank You All”

  1. I’m so glad your $30 art sale was a success. Just out of curiosity, will you be posting pictures of what sold? Glad your treatments are going well, too.

    As far as the boobs and girl pirates, I think you could combine those quite easily and have a $60 art sale, ya know cause it would combine two! haha… have great weekend.

  2. Hey Jaime, already took down the images and so forth, so probably won’t be posting them again, too many!

    No more cheapy sketch sales from here on out though, this was a special case because it isn’t every day I get leg cancer. But I think a graphite series of pirate boobies may be in order; I just honestly don’t like drawing pirates and the pieces that went were experiments. I’ve been pestered to do comics for years now (especially of those kind of things), but I think my animation experience killed me ever wanting to do sequential art again.

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