RIP Milkshake

Milkshake passed away yesterday evening just short of his sixth birthday. It was very sudden; a blood clot cut off the circulation to his back legs from a heart condition, and he went downhill within an hour after that. Nothing could be done. Thankfully I got him to the hospital with enough time that he was surrounded by his daddy, auntie, and uncle before he had to go for good. Lived fast and died young, like any good looking celebrity would.

5 thoughts on “RIP Milkshake”

  1. RIP my sweet little nephew (who may not have always been sweet, per se, but who was ALWAYS entertaining).

    I’ll miss that little angry duck quack noise he made when he was mad the most of all. I was looking at photos of them this morning and you can practically hear him doing it.

  2. Thanks everyone. I’m seasoned at pets dying, but my husband isn’t and so he can’t read that rainbow bridge site without crying. Milkshake was his baby more than anything. The ashes were brought home yesterday and now we have a ghost cat running around knocking things off counter tops, so I guess he’s still kind of a dick even as a ghost, but that’s okay.

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