A Fabulous Day in Pittsburgh

Drove down with Michelle Muldrow and Dott Schneider to Pittsburgh for some art farting and for the Box Heart 10 Year Anniversary exhibit. We lucked out with great weather (okay it was pretty hot actually), an awesome ride with leather interior and cruise control,  and rocked out to some classic rock while eating beef jerky at one point. Yeah we like beef jerky — deal with it!

Although there are still a few places I haven’t visited, like The Mattress Factory, I think we got a lot done in the time we had. Yes, eating and drinking are integral parts of a day trip anywhere. There were neighborhoods I had never seen up until now — which was nice for a change — and I like that everything seems compact in that city and it never took long to get to certain areas. You don’t need to hop on a freeway to get from one side of town to the other! The show up at The Frick was nice because I work small, and it was all tiny landscapes. I also got to see a fab Peter Paul Rubens portrait along with some killer medieval icons.

I took a ton of photos, especially on the grounds of the Frick, so here are some of those…

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