New Portrait: Georgina

Here’s a new little portrait, 5×7″ oil on panel. I named her “Georgina” after the Helen Mirren character in this Peter Greenaway film.

I wasn’t sure about this color combination with the sort of olive green, but it turned out weird and I kind of like it!

3 thoughts on “New Portrait: Georgina”

  1. whoa…..VERY cool.

    I look at her and think, ‘vicious corporate Barbie-doll chick.’
    Like someone you definitely wouldn’t want to mess with!

    I’ll have to try and find that movie (do you have a photographic memory
    or just an extremely extensive movie collection? 🙂 Helen Mirren’s pretty cool…actually, I think alot of those gals from those years were pretty cool and classy. They could take you down without mussing their hair or smudging their white gloves…..

  2. Thanks! She doesn’t look like the character at all, just in name only. Oddly my movie collection isn’t as big as it could be, I guess I should thank Netflix for saving me the trouble of buying stuff.

  3. I love your portraits. You have a knack for combining the new with historical references to classic portraiture. On this piece, I like the color combination. Great work and thanks for making lovely artwork .

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