Pricey Gifts I Would Like

I have no idea what’s going on, but lately I’ve been having to curtail an urge to shop — a lot. This of course is no good considering I have rather expensive taste in everything except wine and champagne. Yes, I love cheap champagne. My birthday is next month, and I thought I’d put together a list of pricey items I would like to receive as gifts.

The Diana Vreeland Memos for around $400 I’d like to have this item, and hope to God that Milkshake doesn’t chew on it.

Rene Caovilla shoes. Because, um, HELLO, look at them!

Dior Cherie, actually this isn’t too pricey, unless you wanna get me a huge bottle of it.

A leopard print coat, like this nice little thing from Top Shop. Because the fact I haven’t ever owned a leopard print coat is quite amazing — if you really know me, you are aware how true that is — and a tragedy, really.

Simone France skincare products. Because I hate everything I’ve ever tried, and frankly, if she was the skin specialist Christy Turlington used, well, that’s enough said right there isn’t it?

I was discussing with a friend how I don’t own any real jewelry except for my wedding ring. That’s just wrong.  I think the fact I’m about to be 32 means I should have at least one other piece that is real. So how about a Christian Dior skull ring?

The out-of-print book on La Belle Otero. Well, it costs much less than the Vreeland memos doesn’t it? She had published her memoirs but I have yet to come across that anywhere. UPDATE: This gift has already been bestowed onto me by bestest pal Shannon!

A piece by Cincinnati based artist Rondle West. I have no idea how much these are, but I’d still love to have one. All his pieces are candy colored plastic glory.

1 thought on “Pricey Gifts I Would Like”

  1. My feet require the Rene Caovilla shoes and my finger requires the Christian Dior skull ring. Thus sayeth the baby jeebus.

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