Ant Girl

I’ve been working on a new series of paintings that are not portraits or figurative in any way. I’m almost half way done with the 3, but no peeking until they are complete. I’m still agonizing what kind of frames to get for them. I’ve seen great art get ruined by crappy frame choices! I’ve also been tweaking some new paintings but I’m sure the details are ones only I notice, so I won’t re-post the images.

I also recently did my first gig poster in ages for Plastic Ants, and Swarm of Bats playing here in Cleveland May 30th at The Beachland Tavern. I actually liked the central figure I came up with; I was working on this while watching “Eddie and The Cruisers” Part 2! Because, you know, nothing inspires me like Springsteen wannabe 80s hack music that sounds a lot like a group of old men lifting heavy cinder blocks in a dive bar.

“Ant Girl” sharpie and digital color

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