Don’t Believe Everything You Read

My husband and I appeared in The Plain Dealer on Friday, telling people what we do for our nights out. I think it is funny since we don’t go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day, too many people and crappy service is our logic. Although we did go out Friday and plan to again tonight.

Most of it is as we wrote it, with the exception of two points. I should stress that going to The Grog Shop is NOT an ultimate night out for us as the article makes it seem, that’s a friggin’ chore, hence why we only see 2-3 music gigs a year now. Our point was that going to La Cav du Vin made it less painful because we can kill time there while the opening act does a long set we don’t want to hear and the rest of the bands take forever to set up.

Also, Ben is not a music journalist, he has a job and the music writing was an aside thing mentioned since he’s been doing it freelance for so long. But I guess they thought his job in financial media wasn’t interesting so they decided to cut that part out and just leave “music journalist”. Had we known that, we would have mentioned Elephant Stone but we didn’t want a flood of resumes and demos coming to us — because that is usually what happens when the label gets any press. He’s now incredibly embarrassed and angry about it because he thinks it makes him sound like a slacker loser without a real job. But the ridiculous part of Ben’s job and title being cut from the article, was the shit he caught for it at work later that day! Not only did his boss give him crap about it, saying it would have been nice press for them, but now everyone at his work thinks he’s quitting. Nice.

All in all this turned out fine as opposed to some other “respected” print publications that have switched around sentences, taking them out of context, missed the point, gotten facts wrong, or repeated things said by myself or friends and the writer passed it off as their own opinion and research. Wall  Street Journal I’m looking at you! And a few others too.

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