Fashion Illustration Online Classes

Maybe you knew, you maybe you didn’t I used to teach fashion illustration. It was fun, and I used to have billions of dresses and weird costumes I would think up — or wish I could have worn out to places. Most of it was for animation characters, but a lot of it ended up getting displayed as individual artworks both at the galleries at CalArts, and a few galleries around the Cleveland area.

Well, now you can sign-up to take an online class with me and studio-mate Knitgrrl aka Shannon Okey. This will be a little different than my usual way of teaching, not only in it being online, but also this class is geared towards knitters and pattern makers for production and editorial purposes. The fashion illustration class is just one of the units of all the online classes Shannon will be going over, and I’m so happy she asked me to help out with this one in particular. Here’s the description:

Fashion Illustration

Description: Learn how to draw/create powerful illustrations to accompany your pattern proposals for magazines and books, as well as for your own self-published patterns. Get additional tips and tricks for editorial success from Shannon, who waded through thousands of such proposals as the editor of a monthly UK-based print knitting magazine.
You will receive: all materials needed for class instruction as well as illustration samples you can use for your own proposals if you like.
Materials needed: will be discussed during the first week of class as we explore different types of image creation.
Price: $65
Registration limit: 15

You can get more info and sign up here or here. We’re already filling up, and have recorded our first goofy greeting. There have also been some examples and templates uploaded, and I’ve given list of supplies you’ll need. I’ll be starting a quickie anatomy lesson later this week so there’s still time to get in on the action.
This class will take place again in late January 2013, visit the Knitgrrl Studio site for more TBA.

5 thoughts on “Fashion Illustration Online Classes”

  1. Not to get off topic, but I thought of you and Ms. Knitgrrrl when I stumbled across this………

    Better than LOL cats….BE SURE to check out the ‘Older Posts’ at the bottom…just gets better and better….:-)

  2. Thanks for the heads up 🙂 I can’t put it off. II think I may have to take the AAU Fashion Drawing 2. I had taken Fashion Drawing 2 and enjoyed it a great deal. It gave me that drive to keep going. It costs though. The younger generation always complains a lot about AAU on Yelp.

    But as an online student I was hooked and for 4 months of constant input back and forth I can’t resist. Excellent instructor too.

    One just has to be dedicated and focus. 🙂

  3. Sorry…I meant I took Fashion 1 course and loved it.
    Fashion 2 is a continuation.

    Good luck.


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