The Hydrangea & The Ballerina

Surprise, surprise, we are getting more snow dumped our way here in Cleveland (thankfully I’m on the side of town that avoids blizzards), but what better way to ignore outside than by getting myself some wine, cheeses, and my favorite flower — Hydrangea.

I carried white ones as part of my wedding bouquet, but my favorite are the blue and purple ones. I also dig Iris, so this little arrangement worked out.

The better part of today was entertainment from the weirdness that is my cat, Milkshake. This purple mesh cover came with the flowers, which Milkshake promptly turned into a tutu for himself. Normally he likes to strut around wearing plastic bags as a dress, but this was so much prettier and he knew it. He is such a Princess, I think he was a bitchy drag performer in a past life; certainly checks himself out in the mirror enough…

I think he got mad I was taking photos and mocking his purple tutu, so he finally ran off like a diva escaping the paparazzi after a performance to lounge in bed.

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