Art World Linky Poos

To end the year, how about a bunch of links to stories, lectures, and writings about the art world? Oh why not….

ArtLA cancels but may go at it again next year.

The Art Market as explained by James Panero

When the Bottom Fell Out of the Art Market via

How To Make Art History via The Economist

Newark, Newark! Cheap studio, another reason I moved to Cleveland from Los Angeles, kids.

An oldie, but a goodie, from the Frieze fair starring Dave Hickey

More so than last year, Pop Surrealist, Low Brow, New Contemporary gained more ground during Art Basel Miami as well as sold out exhibitions in N. America, Europe, Japan; museum retrospectives, and the inclusion of people such as Robert Williams into the Whitney Biennale were also some major turning points. Auctions sales of Old Masters as well as inclusion of more painters in various important shows have also been a trend. They told me 10 years ago at CalArts that painting was dead, and that I’d get nowhere with representational painting…humpf!

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