What’d I Miss?

Back from my little trip to Lexington, KY. I went for my husband’s cross country championship races, which wasn’t interesting to me until the party started later with drunk runners — funny stuff. When I lived in California, I used to make fun of anything associated with Kentucky, and I keep getting proved wrong over and over again. I didn’t get to everything on my list — Spalding’s Bakery is all — but there’s enough that I am planning on going back possibly for my anniversary. Gives me an excuse to drive over to Louisville during Derby weekend as well. I didn’t bring a camera, which didn’t seem to matter since weather wasn’t the greatest for riding, but here are random things I remember:

Everyone is more polite than you.

Champagne with dinner is normal.

The hotels charge a transient tax, wtf?

Runner chicks dance like whores to Journey.

More than 1 person can’t dance on a folding table without is crashing.


Bourbon beer.

The tie breaker for arm and leg wrestling, is butt wrestling.

Yay horsies!

It appears there are mothers out there who will feed their 2 year-old a donut followed by a Bratwurst. And then get mad they didn’t finish both. Yeah.

The Mary Todd Lincoln house is kind of depressing.

The clothing stores for women in Lexington are awesome.

It is is true what they say about Spadling’s Bakery.

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