Milkshake Monday: Monkey Crisis

Milkshake adores toys that look like monkeys — although granted — he is very particular about what he likes. Curious George monkey is his pal, he sleeps with him and takes him around everywhere. It has been this way since he was a wee baby…


Milkshake also has a girlfriend monkey, her name is Snowflake. We never understood what it was about her, but his life is not complete unless he can hump her about 3 times a day…


So, lately there has been a problem. It appears on Milkshake’s last trip to stay with his aunt and uncle while I went away to Boston, he lost Snowflake somewhere in their house. There was a massive search for any odd place he could have left her, but no sign yet. I think Milkshake’s brother Spike, or his best friend Giles, stole his woman and they’ve been hoarding her in a crawl space in the house somewhere.

So at night — as if sleep weren’t hard with this cat anyways — Milkshake howls for Snowflake for hours. Hours! And trust me, he is loud and heavy with sorrow as he keeps me awake until who knows when! I tried getting him a new monkey girlfriend, an expensive fancy-pants sock monkey, but he was not having it; he wants his special fuzzy monkey who was falling apart and getting kinda gross to the point where I almost retired her anyhow.

Funny how attached a pet can get to an inanimate object. Here’s hoping Snowflake is one day recovered, if not, I will continue my search for a suitable replacement that he will approve of. I mean seriously, he was crazy about that monkey and I doubt he’d show as much interest in an attractive real female cat!


Update: Snowflake has been found! Milkshake is back to monkey humping again.

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