Pittsburgh & Tyra

I’ll be heading down for my solo show “Splendor and Safety Pins” over at Box Heart Gallery. First stop is of course my favorite joint, Brillobox, for dinner — that way I don’t eat all the reception food! A Pittsburgh blog referred to my work as “flat and cartoony” and meant it as a compliment, but I fail to see how my work is either, really, but whatever.

In other news, the Tyra Show just called me today, and I’m not really sure why or who put them up to it. Kinda freaking me out actually. Not that I would go on it anyways, that’s just setting myself up for judgment on TV by millions of Americans, good or bad, and I don’t handle that kind of stress very well. Same reason I never applied to be on the Artist reality show Bravo was holding auditions for, it just seemed bizarre and wrong not to mention I would be forever known as, “that woman who was on that show once”. No Thanks.

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