Hecuba Style

There were several cartoons I loved as a child, Watership Down was one of them (an odd choice but I am, indeed, an odd one) and then there was Jack and the Beanstalk — the trippy 1970s version. I recently made a few people watch it with me, and they had some wacky dreams as a result. I think the soundtrack  contributed to that for the most part.

Anyways, I was recently told by an extremely elderly lady today, “don’t get old, and if you get as helpless as me, just end it!”. We’ll see how that goes when I get there, but in the meantime I’ve decided I’m totally going to go for the Madame Hecuba look from Jack and the Beanstalk; I will also grow my nails real long and start rumors I eat children, that’ll teach ’em to stay off my damn lawn!

Here’s a clip where Madame Hecuba enters…

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