Back from my short trip to DC! I wish it hadn’t been so short, but what can you do? It was great to meet a lot of people in person for the first time including Brandi Read, Scott G. Brooks, Lee and Shane from the gallery and so forth. The reception at Art Whino went down really well. The best though, was the children tagging the nude that the gallery painted purple nipples on in honor of the censorship my one piece had endured. Thanks to all at Art Whino and to Jake Reid & Rick Taylor for doing the music all night.

We drove a lot, and got lost a lot! I did this trip with my husband and a couple of our pals, and next time I think about going to DC, I am getting myself a GPS system — or better, a more in-depth Atlas. In the end we have now come away with funny stories; the best being us all getting lost after the reception in the middle of the woods in Maryland, it was like a Scooby Doo adventure with fog and all. We ended up taking backwoods roads finally into the city, only to find out we ended up in the middle of what looked like an episode of “The Wire” with hoppers and everything. Funny how there was open drug dealing going down, but all the cops we saw were busy setting speed traps on the freeways.  Anyways, here are some photos, be sure to click on them for descriptions…

I never made it to the Portrait Gallery, but maybe next time.

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