The Great Switch!

Hey Everyone,

I have moved years of content over from my ArtyFarty blog on Vox over to WordPress . Let’s face it, I have written some darn witty and fabulous things over the years that I would like to keep. I need a record of my genius before it leaves me — you know how it is. Maybe I should just move over my greatest hits? Such as:  my trip to Amish Country; getting drunk in Michigan; Victoria Beckham killing my sex; why I hate going to gigs; advice on the business of art; Milkshake Monday and many more! The only downside is that I lost ALL comments, but what can you do? At least now anyone can comment and they don’t have to be a registered Vox user.

In the meantime, I have some excellent art shows coming up, and I will be attending them all excpet the one in California:

Friday, August 7th: William Rupnik Gallery presents an exhibition that will be a one-night only event “Oh, That Is Sooooo Last Year”. There will be a reception at the gallery (7-10 PM) and an after-party at Lava Lounge. Artists include Derek Hess, Andrea Heimer, Chris Ryniak, Dana Oldfather, Mallorie Freeman, Paul Sydorenko, Matthew Ryan Sharp, Tes One, BASK, John G., Bob Peck, Beth Kappa and many more.

Saturday, August 15th: “Innocence and Arrogance” a dual solo show with painter Brandi Read @ Art Whino, National Harbor MD. I’m doing more surreal work for this show, but be sure to expect from both of us plenty of punks, goths, muses, models and royalty. Opening Reception 6pm – midnight with special guests DJ Rick Taylor (We Fought The Big One) and DJ Sequential (Screen Vinyl Image)

Friday, August 28th: “The Tattoon Show” a group show about tattoos and cartoons @ Eclectix Gallery, El Cerrito CA.

September 15 – Oct. 10th: “Splendor & Safety Pins” a solo show @ Box Heart Gallery in Pittsburgh PA.
Opening Reception on Saturday, September 19th from 6-9pm

1 thought on “The Great Switch!”

  1. YEA!!!!! So glad you made the move….I check your blog out every few days or so, along with ‘Art.’ Now I can actually comment or share…
    Speaking of which…I just came across this blog and these two articles on ‘Investing in Women Artists’ and thought I’d share.
    Sometimes I feel like a nag about this, but I personally am not going to shut up until I feel like we’re getting closer to par. I love the ‘so what’s your problem’ attitude by the Gen Y and X artists and collectors…progress!!! Anyway…. 🙂

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