New Portrait

11×14″ oil on panel, I wish you could see the details in her black hair, but it is very subtle and didn’t photograph well. Anyways, finally was able to make up a bio for her…

Lady Eugenia (1480-1544)
Daughter of a little known diplomat and his stage actress mistress; she had published her first novel at age 15, thus becoming an amusement of sorts within literary circles at cafes and parties. Her short marriage to a Lord and travels to their many homes around the Continent provided the material for what would become her second novel – fortunate for the Lord he died of consumption before reading the unflattering portrait she portrayed of him. After many failed affairs with renowned writers more than half her age, she retired from writing after her 9th book, and fled to Scotland where she purchased a small cottage. She never wrote again, and instead collected stray cats

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