Reality TV Art Star

I would totally drive to Chicago for the Bravo casting call, as "The Untitled Art Project" seems like it will be the perfect blend of trash and pseudo-intellectualism. I'm sure they're looking for various versions of characters you would find in Art School Confidential, but I already have my "character" worked out — being that this is reality TV after all.

I'm going to be the drunk and combative chick, who steals everyone's ideas, and has a dark past! I will call everyone a punk ass bitch, talk about how the judges and challenges are stupid and beneath me, and maybe I'll faint — or have a panic attack of some sort. There's always an ambulance scene in all these shows. I will also throw out the, "I'm not here to make friends" line, as well as cry to my husband on the phone about how I, "want to go home". And yes, I'll hug everyone and cry when I'm eliminated too; ain't no way the abrasive bitch character gonna win an art related prize.

Dude, seriously. Isn't going on a reality show based around in the field you work in, or are passionate about, a death kiss to your career? I can't wait to see how many performance artists try out for this show and claim being on the show in itself is their art. Come on America, let's get stupid together.

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