Where Am I? What Day Is It?

Got all that? Also, I will be having a launch party at my new studio once I get my crap all moved in. More info TBA but keep July 11th open if you are interested. I just got back from a trip to Michigan and came home to a slew of emails and phones calls all urgent and crap (why did everyone decide they needed everything from me on Saturday for everything?) so I will have a recap and photos involving lots, and lots of beer shortly. Is it bad that I totally forgot my birthday was this week too? Like Thursday or something? I haven't looked at a calendar so I have no idea what today is even. My only reminder were a few gifts I got in the mail today. Maybe I'm ignoring the fact I'm now going to be over 30 (eeep!), but presents are nice and make it slightly less painful, gimmeh more presents! Or not, whatever is good for you.

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