Photos & Cameras

After starting our celebrations on Friday night and ending them last night I think I feel normal finally. I'm pretty sure I did it a little too hard this weekend and my IQ points went down a tad. A brain fart isn't supposed to last for two whole days, is it?

Today I had a photo shoot with Herbert Ascherman Jr. for his artist series. Spiral kimono, saber tooth tiger skull, an oversize gilt frame and me with a champagne hangover? It's like I'm back in L.A. almost isn't it? I'm quite impressed with how fast the process was (less than an hour) and Herbert is great at directing people like me who will look bored and slouched over if not posed properly. We tried to do something that will look like one of my portraits, he also managed to talk me into taking my shirt and bra off for a few shots — I'll let you know how it all came out.

My new digital camera arrived and it is black, and shiney, and small, and it almost gave me an orgasm. So far I have just been doing pictures of the cat, but I'll test some artwork out tomorrow. Going from 2 mega pixels to 13.6 mega pixels is like a whole new world for me. I really don't know how I've survived!

On the agenda this weekend in the Land of Cleve?
Pecha Kucha at MOCA on Friday, and
The Screw Factory Open Studios on Saturday.

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