The Day After

Thanks to all who came out to the show last night. I will have more photos soon. Of course I forgot my camera so I’m slowly collecting photos all my friends took. The pairing of Andrea and I turned out fabulous and the show looks great. You can view some photos here.

People really liked the stories it seems, and many thought the bios were real until they got to the end with the various cuss words. I’ve also been hit up to do many cat portraits; unexpected and funny. Glad so many people turned out, some even driving in from far and wide.

Signs of a good reception? Besides quotes like, “I want to marry that portrait ‘Kiki’ I really do”, “I can just feel the presence of those cats licking me” and “I’m going to take these paintings home and masturbate to them”, the staff was closing up as they discovered one gallery goer ended up on the roof somehow, and were then invited to come watch an orgy taking place in the building across the street. I guess the orgy people really liked the show and they were all set and ready to, um, you know, do their thing after viewing it. Cleveland art people are randy aren’t they? Everything kept leading back to sex somehow with this show. Maybe I should give it a subtitle? “Poise, Posture and Profanity: It’ll Make You Horny”


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