Spike the gallery cat

Yesterday I was at the outdoor mall that pretends to be a city (Cracker ass Cracker Park), and there I was: Prada purse, Prada shoes, Starbucks in hand, and Sephora bag slung over my shoulder. What happened to me!? My 15 year old self would be wailing on my ass right about now. I think I need to go set some fires, graffiti up city hall and mug some junkies for fun or something, just to counteract this feeling I’m having. Ick.

By the way, no signs of a recession here kids. At least not in my little pocket of the city. Cleveland friends are getting jobs within a month of lay offs, no parking at the mall on a Friday afternoon, restaurants are packed (went to 4 tonight until I found one that didn’t have a ridiculous wait time), and people were buying art last night as I made the rounds of various exhibits. Freaky, huh? I’m sure you have read the WSJ article (which I don’t completely agree with and a lot was left out) and in comparison, we have this video. If anything, the truth is that this town is a mixed bag; I suppose it depends who you have as a tour guide.

Speaking of art, went to lay out the show opening this Friday. I was going to show some more sneaky peeks, but I though this photo of Spike the gallery cat was all I needed. He picks out what he wants when a show is going up you see. At first he went directly for the portraits of cats I will be exhibiting, but in the end, he settled on “Mrs. Turner”.

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