The blog tagging has happened, Erie Effusion tagged me with a list of Seven Amazing Facts About Me (that maybe you knew or didn’t)…..

1. I used to be a really good horseback rider, but I haven’t been on one since I was about 14. I wanted to be a jockey because I like going fast, but was told by age 11, I was already too tall for the job. I can clean ’em, dress ’em, and ride them over a high jump. When horses get spooked and take off I find it fun; I only got thrown once and it took him a lot of effort to do so.

2. I used to play piano, violin, and speak Russian; then I hit puberty, became a boy-crazy punk, and promptly forgot how to do all three.

3. In recent years I have become a beer snob and am disgusted with myself for having gone through a King Cobra phase in college.

4. I’ve driven cross-country twice, and taken a Greyhound Bus cross-country twice. The bus was interesting to say the least. People form strange alliances and cliques (the European tourists and single mothers w/ babies always flocked to me as a protector for some reason) while massive amounts of weed gets smoked in the bus bathroom. Just remember to bring a tooth brush, and a flask.

5. I know way too many useless facts about old Hollywood and pre-code cinema. It was fun living in a former Hollywood hotel for this reason, but also sad, because you could feel the sense of dispair and failure from the industry chewing up and spitting out young hopefuls throughout the decades.

6. I hate fiction, I only like reading biographies or history books. I like reading about stuff that actually happened.

7. The first art sale I ever had was when I was about 7 years-old. It was a big poster sized drawing of my white standard poodle, Pushkin. Pushkin liked to sneak up from behind, wrap his arms around your waist, and hump people a lot. So I did a picture of him on his hind legs with a big boner, and big script that said, “Pushkin The Sex Dog”. A friend of the family bought it and still has it to this day. That thing is going to be in a museum after I’m dead — you watch.

tagging: Josh, Shannon, Nancy B, Dott, Benji

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