Oh, Mr. Lagerfeld

I wish Karl Lagerfeld would start a newsletter, because I would subscribe to it. I've always loved what he has done for Chanel, but never really knew much of him other than that he is clearly into S&M (you think those clothes and rings he wears everyday are comfortable?).

I went to visit a friend of mine at a hospice center — only I — can make a hospice visit a party full with Vanity Fairs, Vogue's, and the Karl Lagerfeld documentary it would seem. I'm such a Queen. We had wine, were laughing and screaming, all while doing German accents. The nurses joined in the fun, and although there were dead bodies and terminal people on morphine surrounding us, the staff seemed so happy to have us making a party and it lightened the mood. Something they were not used to at all in this place. So indeed, this was a strange environment for me to see this film for the first time.

I won't go into all of the various quotes and proclomations, but I like Lagerfeld's attitude towards everything. The jist being that if you dwell on the past, the good old days, and things were better then than what is now, you may as well give up then. His mantra in almost all interviews is essentialy: I have no past and no future there is only NOW. That everything is unfair, you are here and celebrated and then you are forgotten. Oh so German don't you think? He likes to mention several times that you can fall down the stairs or get hit by a bus at any time. What a character, and a wonderful weirdo. If there is anything he cannot stand it is the bouguoise, and the cliches of life. Appearantly two people living together as a couple is too bouguoise for him. Like Garbo he wants to be alone, but don't start in on cliche's about lonliness with him, that would make you a bore, darling. But don't be fooled, he does have a sense of humour as you will see.

If you are a creative person in any capacity I suggest you see "Lagerfeld Confidential", I loved seeing his workspace and the clothes and everything. Did you know he shops for his own cosmetics? Estee Lauder is his preference for face powder, who knew?

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